Saturday, October 8, 2011

Streething x Leftfoot x New Balance 'APAC Project 2011: Q&A with those involved'

New Balance, streething and leftfoot have collabed and are about to drop some major heat!

Here's and interview with Chooee Hwang (Founder of Streething) talking about working with New Blance and Leftfoot

Chooee Hwang

Why the collaboration with New Balance and Leftfoot?

I think the biggest inspiration about New Balance is the fact that it has always been true to its identity and heritage. I always believe one must always know his/her own identity and never try to be someone who you’re not. Also, we have been working with New Balance for the past 5 years on digital, PR and event and New Balance has always been one of our favorite brands all along. As for Leftfoot, Anthony and I have known each other for a long time and it is a joy to get to work with like-minded partner who is also a personal friend

What Streething elements can be seen in the HM574?

As many do know, Streething started with its main focus on sneakers therefore, we choose to pay more attention to the “Past” HM574 as we are really into the heritage of New Balance. The sneakerheads in us want to keep the core colour of New Balance: navy and grey with using same material that was used on the first generation of 574 on a pair of HM574.

What Streething elements can be seen in the HS77?

The HS77 shoe is regarded as a lifestyle shoe, however its ultra light soles make it perfect as a running shoe as well. The versatility of it encompasses Streething’s values and believes – to be an urban lifestyle website that also focuses on sneakers.

What are the main inspirations for this collection?

The main inspirations for this collection are our lifestyle and interests. In our line of work, we observe trends and style on a daily basis, so we want to create a timeless and versatile design that will appeal to not only the sneakerheads but also the mass.

What were the greatest challenges designing the shoe?

The greatest challenge for us is narrowing 101 ideas to 3 shoes yet making it relevant for taste of the current consumers. We have no shoe design experience so we have to depend on Eugene Yeo (New Balance Singapore Assistant Marketing Manager), Patrick Wong (New Balance Singapore Country Manager) and Taylor Canby (Footwear Design Manager, New Balance Athletic Shoes (HK) Limited) for their input.

What is one thing about the past you associate closely with the shoe?

Back in the days, I used to hunt down all the deadstock sneakers in moms and pop stores and most of the sneakers back then were in basic colourway like navy, grey and white. After so many years I realized most of my favourite sneakers are in those basic colourway. That is the reason why we chose the heritage colours of New Balance: Navy and grey to be the core colourway of the "Past" HM574.

In your own words, how would you describe New Balance’s Past, Present and Future concept?

New Balance is translating their heritage from the past into their present assets, and making excellence for the future.

Why the 574 is one of the iconic models for New Balance?

I believe by making quality products and relevant designs will make 574 an evergreen model which both old and new customers would embrace.

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