Friday, January 28, 2011

Jan 25 · Air Jordan 2011 ‘Year of the Rabbit’

2010 marked the celebration of the 25th year of the Air Jordan Legacy; years and years of history and groundbreaking footwear design has allowed Jordan Brand to become the benchmark of fashioned-forward and high-performance basketball footwear, and as we begin the next twenty-five years of Air Jordan, we can only expect an equal amount of tradition and iconoclastic brand movement. For 2011, Jordan Brand will release a limited-edition Air Jordan 2011, celebrating the Year of the Rabbit; Sneaker News showed you a preview of the packaging of this special release, and here we get a look at the entire Air Jordan 2011 ‘Year of the Rabbit’ set, which includes the luxurious Air Jordan 2011 shoe and special apparel in the form of a varsity jacket and a t-shirt.

The Air Jordan 2011 ‘Year of the Rabbit’ features a dark grey upper mudguard with the molded graphic adopting a slightly darker shade for a rich contrast, with gold contrast stitching. Additional details include a red inner lining and tongue with gold accents on the branding and lacing, a gold-glittered translucent outsole, and red Jumpman on the bottom sole. The grey Air Jordan 2011 Varsity Jacket features a number of patches that serve as tributary crests, pointing out Michael Jordan’s MVP trophies, scoring titles, championships, and much more. The Air Jordan ‘Year of the Rabbit’ t-shirt features ‘Brooklyn’ across the chest with a special crest logo as well. pics via SneakerNews

Year of the Rabbit Air Force 1 Supreme

The 2011 Chinese Lunar New Year celebrates the Year of the Rabbit. In addition to other Year of the Rabbit Nike shoes, Nike Sportswear created a special Year of the Rabbit Air Force 1 Supreme.

The shoes feature a white/royal blue/crimson colorway, with a rabbit graphic seen on the heel. This special edition Year of the Rabbit Air Force 1 will release with limited edition packing on January 23, 2011 in China retailing for $393 USD and January 29, 2011 here in the states retailing for $250 USD
The Nike Air Force 1 Year of the Rabbit has managed to get the attention of many sneaker lovers. They will be released at select Nike retailers such as
I'm in love with that clear sole!!!! *drool*

What the F**K is Social Media...One Year Later

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Twitter-Controlled Car

Okay this is awesome and shows how far we have come and that twitter is more than just a global texting platform where people who have absolutley nothing to say are in a rat race for the most followers. It pretty much makes people anti-social in real life, but I need it for business!!
Mercedes Benz engineer Werner Scherenberg released this video showing a Mercedes Benz CL 550 that they hacked so that they could control it via Twitter.

Yoji Shinkawa Paints Snake

Metal Gear Rex
Big Boss Snake
Grey Fox Iron Man (nice)
I am a HUUUUUGE Metal Gear Solid Fan so I had to post this. Also, watch how he went in and highlighted with White Out.
As part of his exhibit at the Konami Style store in Japan, Konami illustrator Yoji Shinkawa did a live painting of Big Boss aka Naked Snake in the smoky and gritty style familiar to fans of Metal Gear Solid. This was just day 1 of an on going painting that will continue until the end of January. It was a fantastic show and amazing to see him paint in person.

Masking Tape Street Art

Everything was done using tape!! Watch the video link by clicking his name in the text. Australian street artist BUFFdiss uses strips of masking tape to create his art. He often makes oversized hands that interact with the environment, but he also has more complicated pieces.

World's Best Pickpocket

Bob Arno is a charismatic, witty and intelligent man. A perfect mix of characteristics for a thief. Watch as Arno charms the audience while stealing their watches, ties and even their underwear.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Im using one eye to see,does that make me king? Nevermind that I shall rule this world before you all wake and you all will work for me!

Friday, January 7, 2011

"Lyrical Exercise" featuring Michael Guinn!!!

This month "Lyrical Exercise" will be featuring International spoken word artist Michael Guinn from Fort Worth, TX!!!!Come experience a lyrical exercise unlike any you have ever experienced! Be motivated and moved by Michael Guinn's passionate delivery detailing the heartache he witnessed as a social worker as well as rousing motivational poetry!!! You'd definitely want to come prepared MICHAEL GUINN'S DELIVERY IS THE EPITOME OF FULL EXERTION!!! Come enjoy great poetry, complimentary food, and splendid ambiance!!! Memphizm... GET SOME CULTURE IN YO; LIFE!!!

Nike SB Dunk High Premium “Statue of Liberty”

I know they're "Premiums"(which to me just means better quality leather that's all), but I would probably end up customizing these. :-/

Nike SB is preparing to honor Lady Liberty through this Nike SB Dunk High Premium. One of the most famous landmarks in the world, the Statue of Liberty is portrayed through the sneakers by the use of a Seagrass green upper mimicking the tarnished shell of the once-copper statue. Due to the lack of pictures right now, it’s unclear if the insoles feature any sort of graphics to further display the inspiration behind the sneakers. The release details are a little sketchy right now. As you can see, the photo clearly marks the sneakers as a February release, but some sources are reporting that the sneakers will release this month as a quickstrike alongside the Nike SB Dunk Low Pro “Neon J-Pack”. More

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Upcoming drops January

Jordan CMFT Max Air 12
Black/Fresh Water-Midnight Fog

Jordan CMFT 11 Viz Air

Air Jordan Retro 3
White/Fire Red-Cement Grey-Black