Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Supakitch & Koralie


Watch artists Supakitch and Koralie work on their mixed media wall art at the VÄRLDSKULTUR MUSEET (Museum of World Culture) in Göteborg, Sweden. It took them four days to finish the job. &

JetLev Flyer

YEEEEESSS JET PACKS ARE HEREEEEEEE!!!! Okay not an actual "Jet Pack" but close enough!
The JetLev Flyer is a water-based jetpack with a top speed of 22 mph and can take its rider up to a height of 33 ft. It will go on sale starting March 2011. Screw sports cars, we want this one.
price $100,000

Reebok Pump Omni Lite Parachute Pack

Reebok’s latest round of Spring 2011 releases features this pack of Pump Omni Lite sneakers.

Reebok continues their Spring 2010 releases with a couple of new colorways in their popular Pump Omni Lite sneakers. These shoes feature the brands more fashion-forward design with a vibrant mix of colors and premium materials. Single color is used predominately on the Nylon upper and metallic skeleton. The same matching color appears on the outsole. Waterproof lining is an add-on. Three colorways available in Fearless Purple, Excelled Red and Malibu Blue. Not a fan of these but I always like the Omni lites and I love Reebok, what do you think of the Parachute Pack?

The Parachute Pack is now available from kix-files.